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I have prepared 100 powerful quotes. I hope you have a good day today. Sayings that are helpful in living in the world, sayings that give strength, sayings that give courage, sayings that comfort, good sayings, I have selected 100 collections of sayings that I thought would be good to read often.

1. As long as there is life, there is hope – Cicero
2. Living is a fierce battle. -Roman Laurent
3. If you walk 3 hours a day, you can circle the Earth in 7 years. -Samuel Johnson
4. If you can always focus on the present, you will be happy. -Paulo Coelho
5. To truly laugh, you must endure pain and even learn to enjoy it – Charlie Chaplin
6. Find happiness in your job. Or you’ll never know what happiness is – Elbert Hubbard
7. God never abandons the courageous – Kenler
8. When one door to happiness closes, another opens. But we often stare blankly at the closed door.
9. We lose sight of the doors that are open for us – Helen Keller
10. If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it – Robert Elliot
11. Live simply. How complicated are modern people’s lives because of unnecessary procedures and tasks? – Idris Shah
12. Laugh at yourself first. Before Someone Laughs at You – Elsa Maxwell
13. The flower that blooms first falls first. You should not be in a hurry to achieve merit before others – Chaegeundam
14. There are very few things you need to live a happy life. -Marcus Aurelius Antonius
15. Never regret yesterday. Life is within me today and tomorrow is something I create myself L. Ron Hubbard
16. A foolish man seeks happiness from afar, a wise man grows it at his feet – James Oppenheim
17. Don’t be too timid and picky about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more you experiment, the better you become – Ralph Waldo Emerson
18. Do not confuse one-time failure with permanent failure – F. Scott Fitzgerald
19. Tomorrow, tomorrow’s sun will rise
20. If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it – Robert Elliot
21. Never regret yesterday. Life is within me today and tomorrow is something I create myself. -L Ron Hubbard
22. You have to step on the stairs to stand on the stairs – Turkish proverb
23. A person who dreams for a long time eventually becomes like that dream, – Andre Malraux
24. To achieve good results, each step must be vigorous and faithful. -Dante
25. Happiness is a habit, wear it – Hubbard
26. The secret to success is one thing: focusing fanatically on what you can do well. – Tom Monaghan
27. If you look confident, you will feel confident – Charles Darwin
28. Dream as if you will live forever. And live today as if you will die tomorrow. – James Dean
29. Your faith becomes your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions and your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny – Gandhi
30. Clearly distinguish between work time and play time. Understand the importance of time, enjoy every moment and utilize it usefully. Then your younger days will be filled with joy, you will have fewer regrets when you get older, and you can live a beautiful life even when you are poor – Louisa Mayolcott
31. Never give up. If there is something you want to be, be proud of it. Give yourself a chance. Don’t think of yourself as lousy. There is nothing to be gained by doing so. Set your goals high. That’s how life should be lived. – Mike McLaren
32. 1% chance, that is my path. -Napoleon
33. Explore your own soul. Do not rely on anyone else, but on your own. Don’t let others interfere with your journey. Keep in mind that this path is yours alone, and that you must travel alone. Although you can walk with others, know that no one else can walk the path you choose for you.
-Indian proverb
33. Look at what pain leaves behind! After hardships, joy inevitably seeps in. -Goethe
34. Life is not about possessions, but about the existence of each moment. Where is the eternal? Everything is just a moment, but you must be able to live that moment to the fullest to the best of your ability. Life is an amazing mystery and beauty. Monk Beopjeong – Throw away and leave
35. If you keep dreaming, the time will come when it will come true. -Goethe
36. Do not pursue flashy things. What matters is your talent and the amount of love you pour into your actions. -Mother Teresa
37. You should not only have your heart. It must be practiced. -Bruce Lee
38. People often wait for an opportunity, but opportunities are not caught by those who wait. Before we become people who wait for opportunities, we must have the skills to get opportunities. You must become a person who is more passionate about work. -Ahn Chang-ho
39. You cannot say that a person is old or young just because he or she is 60 or 70. The difference between old and young lies in whether a person’s beliefs are old or young. -MacArthur
40. If we did everything we could, we would be amazed at ourselves. -Edison
42. Ask yourself who I am. You must ask and ask and ask until your inner face is revealed. Do not ask half-heartedly, but ask earnestly, with the voice in your voice, in your ear. The answer is in the question. Monk Beopjeong – Flowers bloom in the mountains
43. Happiness does not always lie in many and big things. If a person knows how to be thankful and be satisfied even with small things, he is a happy person. The beauty of blank space and space lies in its simplicity and simplicity. Monk Beopjeong – From the joys of living alone
44. There are many teachers you can learn from if you step back and quietly seek. Wherever one goes, everything one sees is a teacher.
There is a lot to learn. -Mencius
45. He who has not eaten bread with tears does not know the true taste of his life. -Goethe
46. The real problem is people’s hearts. It is by no means a matter of physics or ethics. -Einstein
47. Do what you have to do. Everything is for the happiness of others, but especially for my own happiness. -Tolstoy
48. People travel not to arrive, but to travel. -Goethe
49. When you get angry, count to 100. At your worst, spew abuse. -Mark Twain
50. He who loses his wealth has lost much, he who has lost his friends has lost more, and he who has lost his courage has lost everything. -Cervantes
51. Money is like sea water. The more you drink, the thirstier you become. -Schopenhauer
52. Dream the unfulfillable dream, fight the undefeatable enemy, love the unachievable, endure the unbearable pain,
Let’s catch the stars in the sky that we can’t catch. -Cervantes
53. Don’t bow your head. Look at the world straight ahead. -Helen Keller
54. Not being shaken in times of hardship is the evidence of an outstanding person who is truly worthy of praise. -Beethoven
55. The desert is beautiful because there is a spring hidden somewhere – Saint-Exupéry.
56. When one door to happiness closes, another door opens. But often we look at closed doors for so long that we don’t see the doors that are open for us. -Helen Keller
57. A contented person is truly rich, and a greedy person is truly poor. -Solon
58. I am not satisfied with being successful. It was successful because I was satisfied. -Alain
59. If you compare it above, it is not enough, but if you compare it below, there is more. – Myeongsimbogam
60. Consider each day as your last – Horace
61. Show yourself. Then your talent will be revealed. – Baltasar Gracian
62. Whatever your nature, be faithful to it. He never lets go of his talent. Follow your nature and you will succeed – Sidney Smith
63. Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you will be what you believe. – Henry Ford
64. Live simply. How complicated is our life because of useless procedures and tasks? -Idris Shah
65. Because you are the main character of your life. Don’t forget that. You are where you are today because of the conscious and unconscious choices you have made so far. – Barbara Hall
66. Now is the time to work. Now is the time to fight. Now is the time to make myself a better person. If I can’t do it today, can I do it tomorrow? – Thomas Acampis
67. Everything has its wonder, even darkness and silence, and no matter what state I am in, I learn to be content in it – Helen Keller
68. Great achievements often begin from small opportunities – Demosthenes
69. In the school of life, there is a great teacher called misfortune. Because of that teacher, we become more disciplined. -Fritz
70. The world is full of suffering, but it is also full of people who overcome it – Henren Keller
71. If you encounter a problem that you cannot handle, jump into it boldly. Then, what you thought was impossible becomes possible.
72. Live as a courageous person. If you are not lucky, face misfortune with a courageous heart. -Cicero
73. To reach the highest, start from the lowest. -P. Syrus
74. My secret weapon is still in my hand. It is hope – Napoleon
75. The question is not how fast you get to your destination, but where that destination is. -Maybelle Newcomber
76. Don’t confuse one-time failure with permanent failure. -F. Scott Fitzgerald
77. The entire human life is just a moment. Enjoy Life – Plutarch
78. When winter comes, spring will not be far away – Shelley
79. Work for it. Then you have caught the wheel of destiny – Ralph Waldo Emerson
80. Your happiness is determined by what makes your soul sing. – Nancy Sullivan
81. There is only one person in the world who decides what to do, and only me. -Orson Wells-
82. Eating everything you want is not that fun. If you live life without boundaries, there will be less joy. If you could eat whatever you want, what fun would there be in eating whatever you want? – Tom Hanks
83. If I had to live my life over again, I would make more mistakes next time – Nadine Stair
84. Never regret yesterday. Life is within me today and tomorrow is what I create – L. Ron Hubbard
85. The first step to achieving what you want in life is deciding what you want – Benstein
86. Poverty exists where you feel poor. – Emerson
87. Even if life deceives you, do not be sad or angry. Be patient on sad days. Happy days will come and go, the heart will look forward to the future, but the present will be infinitely gloomy, everything will disappear without a trace and become longing – Pushkin
88. Don’t look for problems, look for solutions – Henry Ford
89. First tell yourself what you want to be, then do what you must -Epictotes
90. Time is something you can’t get back, so don’t waste time on trivial things and live every moment without regret. -Russeau
91. It’s never too late to make a decision in life – Baldwin
92. Don’t give up along the way. Don’t hesitate. Let us push forward until we achieve final success. – Henry Ford
93. The best way to stop thinking about your own misfortune is to immerse yourself in work. -Beethoven
94. We must constantly build dams of courage to withstand the flood of fear. -Martin Luther King
95. Even what I have seen with my own eyes makes me worry about whether it is true or not. Moreover, if it is something that others say behind my back, how can I truly believe this? -Myeongsimbogam-
96. Rather than regretting things that are already over, regret not being able to do the things you wanted to do. – Talmud
97. Forget failure, but never forget the lessons it taught you. -Harbert Gasser
98. Today, which I have spent in vain, is the day that those who died yesterday had longed for. In just one day, everything human can be destroyed or brought back to life. -Sophocles
99. The elevator to success is broken. You must use the stairs. Step by step, step by step – Joe Girard
100. Getting lost means knowing the way. – East African Proverb

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