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IQ is a combination of artificial intelligence and This project aims to combine blockchain technology. The IQ ecosystem consists of, a virtual asset and blockchain encyclopedia, IQ GPT, an AI-based service for blockchain knowledge, and, an AI-based social platform that provides virtual asset industry news and insights. In the future, IQ plans to launch an AI-based development tool called IQ Code for developers using Solidity and Vyper, and BrainPass, a subscription service that increases the utilization of IQ. FOR BRANDS

Expand your cryptocurrency knowledge using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. is the world’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency encyclopedia, with thousands of wikis covering every topic and field of knowledge in the cryptocurrency space.

Our mission is to educate the world about blockchain technology

We are currently the leading source of objective, high-quality knowledge on everything related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on the Internet. Our vision is to make blockchain more discoverable and accessible to the world, providing users with trusted information.

For transparency, all edits on are recorded on the Polygon blockchain and transaction hashes are stored on-chain. Data and images uploaded as part of each wiki are stored on the IPFS network and a hash is included with each page for users to verify. is also integrating artificial intelligence into our mission to provide education on blockchain technology to the world. We use AI to expand our content so that knowledge is easy to share. integrates OpenAI’s GPT-4 for operations including wiki article summaries.

Whether you are new to the space, a professional coder, a DeFi Degener, an ETH maxi, or an NFT flipper, is a place to learn and share knowledge about the cryptocurrency space.

Bringing blockchain to the world

The world’s most comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge base features thousands of wikis on all topics including Bitcoin, NFTs, DAOs, and more.

Supported by IQ token is a core part of the IQ ecosystem. IQ token is the encyclopedia’s utility token.

Democratic Governance is fully web3, with IQ token stakers managing the platform.

A brief description of our history

The world’s largest blockchain encyclopedia was not created in a single moment. started out as Everipedia in 2014 as an “encyclopedia of everything,” and after launching the IQ token in 2018, it became the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia. In 2022, Everipedia expanded to the Polygon blockchain and was rebranded as


In 2014, Sam Kazemain and Theodor Forselius founded Everipedia in their UCLA dorm. Travis Moore joined early on as a co-founder and the company’s first CTO.

Their original vision for Everipedia was to be an “encyclopedia of everything,” a more modern alternative to Wikipedia. Today, the IQ token is known as a cryptocurrency, but IQ began as a non-tradable points system that tracked editors’ contributions to Everipedia.


In December 2017, we announced plans for Everipedia to become the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia through Wired.


In February 2018, Everipedia received a $30 million investment from Galaxy Digital, making Everipedia the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia. This raise and expansion was covered by multiple media outlets, including Engadget, Reuters, and Yahoo News.

In July 2018, Everipedia converted its IQ points system to real tokens. 51% of IQ token supply was airdropped. In August, Everipedia made history by launching the world’s first blockchain encyclopedia.


Since Everipedia converted to a blockchain encyclopedia in 2018, Everipedia’s readers and editors have shifted to cryptocurrency content. In 2020, the Everipedia team continued to focus on blockchain innovation with the development of OraQles, a service that allows verified first parties to bring real-world information onto the chain. November 4, 2020 is a historic moment reported by publications such as Forbes, Coindesk, and Nasdaq.


In 2022, Everipedia moved to the Polygon blockchain and rebranded as Along with the rebrand, we’ve added several new Web3 features and integrations to better serve the cryptocurrency community. The pace of innovation in NFTs, DeFi, and Web3 has exploded over the past few years. We have always been inspired to build as a hub for cryptocurrency knowledge and have been passionate about building and growing the space. Rebranded to to emphasize that the IQ token and cryptocurrency are at the core of the encyclopedia.


In February 2023, became one of the first encyclopedias and dapps to integrate artificial intelligence. integrated OpenAI’s GPT-3 for tasks such as article summarization, and later upgraded to GPT-4. In 2023, BrainDAO aims to further integrate AI within its platform, develop additional AI-based tools, and use IQ tokens to incentivize training AI models on the first part of the problem.

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